School Assistant +

Source:Gil Castro

Everything a student needs to keep organized now fits in your pocket!

School Assistant is your Android school planner, keep your routine organized with it.
You won't forget any tests or works, School Assistant reminds you and lets you see progress charts and statistics.
School Assistant can mute your phone and notify you when a class starts based on your schedule.

This is the paid version which brings three advantages: No ads, a completely new main screen which integrates the calendar and also an agenda so you can see all your events more easily and password protection.

If you want to check if School Assistant already supports what you want, try the free version. If there's something missing send me an email and I'll integrate it as soon as possible.

If you have the free version you can import your settings easily but first make sure you're using the most recent version (1.0.95): Open School Assistant, open menu, choose "More", then "Tools", then "Export" and press "Export". After you install School Assistant + you can easily import those settings using the "Import" option in "Tools".

Got ideas to make School Assistant better or found a bug? Contact me and I'll implement/solve it as soon as possible. Leaving comments here won't help me solve the problem.

Coming in the next versions only in School Assistant +:
- Google Calendar integration
- A new and better widget
- Smart events adding
- many other features

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